Teeth Whitening
Master Course

Who is it for

Our teeth whitening course is intended for anyone who owns a spa, wants to find work in a beauty salon or a business that wishes to train its staff to do this highly demanded teeth whitening treatment. Our complete curriculum will teach students every single aspect of the procedure from offering the best consultations, up selling related products and to create stunning white teeth for paying customers.

This training will help you..

Build your teeth whitening empire as you journey trough your beauty career. In addition to that, this teeth whitening training course covers important aspects that other courses will forget to show you such as full gum protection, cross contamination control, the secret products that actually work better and the step by step procedure that ensures great teeth whitening outcomes every single time.

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Questions on this Course?

A representative is waiting for your inquiry on the course features, covered topics or any other questions you may have.

Our Trainer

teeth whitening online course teacher

Nancy T.

Teeth whitening Pro

A dynamic teacher, Nancy focuses on the students. She will guide you trough the complex steps of teeth whitening while maintaining a fun and challenging environment.

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Learn, Practice, Practice

We know that nothing beats our Live training with a one on one approach with students. In our classes located in Montreal, we provide the best learning experiences in North America.  In other words, students get to observe professionals do the job, the practice themselves, a lot. We have brought this learning experience to the online world by building a course that not only offers you best teeth whitening training information, but is made for you to observe and practice on your side of the world.

The best Training Experience

In addition to our online classroom, We have trained dentists at their clinics, the whole staff at beauty salons and many estheticians starting their career achieve greatness for the past 10 years. This online course is meant for you the benefit from the same training quality and will guarantee that you learn everything you need to become the best in the industry of this booming service.

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Learn from Teeth whitening Pioneers.

Join our course and start building your teeth whitening career really fast. Actually, teeth whitening is the most demanded beauty treatment in the word. Every adult is looking to have a celebrity Hollywood smile. We make sure every class is easily understood, and that all students learn to do just that. For today’s high standard health and beauty industry, we recommend our teeth whitening training course.

Teeth Whitening Course

Private Master Class Experience
399 $
  • + 16 hours of Course Content
  • Documents and Marketing Material
  • Teeth whitening Starter Kit Included

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